What if I have trouble uploading my video?

    • What if I have trouble uploading my video?

      Relax.  We'll figure something out.

      Idea #1:  Make your video shorter

      If it's 35 seconds or less, it should be easy to upload (but it can take up to a few minutes).

      Idea #2:  Email your video to yourself first

      Most email services automatically compress videos, which can help.

      Idea #3:  Make your video file smaller

      iPhone Options:

      • Shoot your video with the YouTube Capture app -- it's free and it's pretty neat
      • Shrink your video with Video Compressor app by FBM -- it's free

      Android Phone Options:

      • Use the Video Converter Android app -- it's free

      Mac Options:  

      • In Quicktime Player, choose "Export" or "Share" from the file menu for a variety of options that will either shrink your video or enable you to easily share it with us at info@healthywage.com

      PC/Windows Options:

      Idea #4:  Forget the upload:  email us a private video link instead

      Send it to info@healthywage.com after uploading to one of these:

      Still need help?  Send us an email:  info@healthywage.com  We'll respond within a couple of business hours.

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